The Integrated Health Program (IHP) has been a wonderful gift to me.  When I started this program I was in a negative place I didn't want to be.  I work in a factory that I hate and I never had any energy. Going through IHP has given me the knowledge and tools I need to start healing on an epic scale.  I came to the realization that working in the factory was a way for me to heal old patterns.  Every place I worked in the past had the same type of people that did the same things to rub me the wrong way. The information provided in the IHP has given me what I need to overcome these patterns.  Do I like working in the factory? Not really but I choose to go in with a positive attitude everyday.  I take what I have learned from this class and use it in my daily life.  I am so thankful for Ken and Dana and what they do.  Darlene Norman

Urevia has been such a god-send in my life.  The energy has encouraged (and by encouraged, I mean “made”) me look into places of my life that needed attention and healing.  While, I mainly use Urevia to work on myself - I’ve also used this energy to facilitate others - with profound results.  The information that comes to me is very clear and very informative for both myself and my clients. It has helped on so many levels - I would really encourage people who are interested to check out this healing energy and start utilizing it in their own lives, you will not believe the positive impact it will have!

Kelli Bond 

Integrated Health Program

This class is so interesting - I loved the topics that were covered as well as my classmates.  It offers so much in the way of information for healing self and others.  One of the first topics covered in the class was the Vagus Nerve and as synchronicity works I read, heard and watched videos in the following weeks that really confirmed that it was time for me to be involved in this program. The information is timely and well-constructed; it definitely adds another dimension to your healing path.  And it’s fun!  What more could you ask for?


If you'd like to expand and challenge your boundaries, really examine your inner self and how it relates to the outer world, then Urevia is a good energy to work with. The process can be painful at times, yet lovingly facilitated for your long-term growth and benefit.

Fifteen years after taking the classes I find myself looking each day at how I treat others and myself and attempt to consciously bring more love into the world. Part of the teaching has been how to create a healing relationship with the Earth, and that has influenced my actions and
lifestyle. Things happen when you choose to work with this energy; it has been quite a trip.

Empowerment through Urevia

I wanted to share a story with you. Yesterday I had to go to our main hospital to take my CPR certification. I went in and took my test and the girl that was to give me the test on the dummies walked in and all of a sudden the room seemed to change some 15-20 degrees hotter, and I was on fire. I lost all train of thought and almost flunked my test, but she knew that I knew the stuff. I said I don't know what is wrong but I am suddenly very hot. She asked if I wanted her to turn up the air, I said no that I am ok I think it is just the new energy ray I am working with. She already knew we did Reiki. She told me that she needed my "healing energies" very badly. "Duh." The energy kicked on before I realized what was going happening because they knew that she needed and was accepting of it. When I was done with the test I offered to work on her. She had a major block in her throat (the area she requested to be worked on). I pulled some negative junk out and was at the front and back of her neck when suddenly my hand at the back of her neck started to move and vibrate, so I heard you say just to let it work. It did and then I was to do psychic surgery and pull the loosened "junk" out. I did that and felt that the block was almost gone and was guided to just energize with Urevia energy, which I did. It was so strong it was vibrating my whole body.

She needed to emotionally release and talk it out, which she did a bit with me. She said it still hurt (her throat) but that it was now dry and a little better. The block was gone. I told her she needed to work on her own healing and to start to talk about things instead of "holding her tongue" so to speak.  

I told her I would send her distant healing later in the night. Well, I got busy and forgot. I woke up during the night and thought, 'oh no, I never sent her distant healing and a little voice said that's "OK" your intention was there and the healing is continuing so go back to sleep.' Today she emails me at work, as we are not at the same place, and said that she wondered if I felt anything last night because there was a presence with her all night and that she started to feel better. I was so filled with love and energy when she told me this, I heard and had felt there was an angel with her all night. As I wrote, the words just poured out to her of which "they" wanted her to know. I have no idea what I said. I have done this "channeled" writing before and sometimes I am quite surprised with what I write. I try not to reread what is channeled for someone else, as it is not for me but for them.

So many people have asked this week how the class was. I say "Life changing", "Like coming home", "What I have been searching for 2 years now", "loving, comforting, warming". What more can I say. It is something that has changed my life for the better. I know that this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey with the angels. As I am writing this to you, the wind has just picked up and sounds as if someone is singing at my windows. You would not believe this wind. It has just happened since I started writing this. I hope this gets off to you.

Love, Debbie




Board Certified Urevia Integrated Health & Healing Practitioner Training - Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki Practitioner Master Teacher training

Healing Classes & Individual Healings Available: call/text to register or schedule an appt.

Welcome to D' Rose Institute of Urevia® Healing & Subtle Energies call or text 269-838-4079 or email droseurevia@gmail.com

Happy Reminder: Offering distant healing sessions: combo of phone & astral travel healing energy work. Call or text to make an appt. Enjoy a healing and spiritual consulting session from the comfort of your home.

"The more disturbed the flow of energy is in the body - caused by the mindset/consciousness - the more inefficiently the body functions," (Dr. Stone). Healing work/energy medicine releases blocks and restores the flow of energy.  When the body and mind are balanced because energy flows freely, the body and/or Spirit will heal itself.

"Teaching how to heal and evolve through education, personal growth, and love"

View of the lake from the classroom and healing room windows


Learning in a retreat like setting, on a beautiful private lake, offering nourishment, peace, growth, education, and healing.  Yummy lunches are provided along with a soothing class environment. In addition, peaceful individual healing sessions are available by appt.

                                             D' Rose serves S.W. Michigan and the surrounding area but also has several teachers nation wide. The expanded Urevia Integrated Health & Healing program has full board professional accreditation and certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, (www.aadp.net). The school’s curriculum fully meets the  accreditation board’s educational requirements and graduates are eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners. 

We are dedicated to offering professional, quality education in integrative health, healing, energy medicine, alternative therapies, metaphysics, spirituality, personal development, and healing sciences with integrity.

We provide education for healing practitioners, holistic practitioners, wellness consulting practitioners, health-care professionals and anyone seeking tools to enhance the healing process as well as increase physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 


Classes at a Glance: (All classes or Covid-19 pending) Call to confirm

A new set of classes for the Urevia Integrated Health & Healing Program starts Sat. April 2021  Space is limited, if interested, register now. LIVE STREAMING - ON LINE LEARNING IS AVAILABLE

Coffee & Spiritual Bliss with Ken & Dana thru Zoom: live streaming - Enjoy this free class from the comfort of your home over a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Sat. mornings: 10:00-11:00 We will discuss current events, spirituality, healing, meditation, intuition, angel messages, food recipes for health, and offer a Q & A segment with each session. Date: Oct. 24, 2020


Reiki I and II - Saturday & Sunday: Nov 21 & 22 , 2020

Reiki Advance - Saturday: Aug 15, 2020

Reiki Master Practitioner - Sunday: Aug 16, 2020

Reiki Master Teacher - to be scheduled in 2021

Karuna Reiki I & II - to be scheduled in 2021

Karuna Teacher - to be scheduled in 2021

Entity Attachments & Clearing Class Level I, Sat. Oct 3, 2020. Time: 9:30-1:00. Cost: $120.00. Lunch is provided. This class is for healing practitioners only: must be attuned to either Reiki or Urevia to attend. Topics: who is vulnerable to attachments, what are entities, ghosts, etc., what are the signs of entity attachment, and how to cross them over, etc., and I will share my personal experiences and crossings over the past 45 years.

Entity Clearing Class Level II: Nov 7, 2020 Time: 9:30-1:00. Lunch provided. Cost: $120.00

Urevia Continuation Classes for deeper understanding and advancement of skills: Oct 10th, Time: 9:30-1:00. Lunch provided. Cost: $110.00 - for Urevia Grads only 

Schedule a Healing & Consultation session:

 text or call Dana @ 269-838-4079

 You do not need to be sick to be better. Self-mastery is a skill, happiness is a skill, expressing love is a skill, and developing wisdom is a skill. If we were born with the knowledge we needed, this world would be without fear. Pursuing growth is an honorable path and these programs are helpful in that goal.



Some of the Topics covered in Classes

  • How to channel Urevia and give a healing for any issue.
  • Integration of mind, body, and spirit
  • Practitioner training in alternative healing therapies
  • Energy/chi wisdom and usage
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Meridians
  • Acupressure
  • Personal development and self-healing
  • Balancing and maintaining the body’s nervous system
  • Stress management
  • Goal setting, practical action plans, time management, and creative manifestation
  • Wellness-consulting
  • Universal laws of success
  • Understanding and working with the law of Cause and Effect
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Attunements and channeling healing energy for Urevia, Usui Reiki, and Karuna Reiki
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Biology, DNA, and cellular intelligence
  • Inner-child work
  • Natural health
  • Shadow and ego awareness and healing
  • Energy mechanics
  • Basic Physics – the Higgs particle
  • Theology – Dead Sea scrolls – spirituality, etc.

  • Developing personal power and intuition
  • Several different forms of meditation techniques
  • Integrated health techniques
  • Practitioner training in several healing modalities
  • Five stages of power
  • What love is and is not
  • Consciousness imprints
  • Male and female polarities, education, and integration
  • Levels of consciousness
  • Chakra system and levels of the aura and how they relate to healing and consciousness
  • Astral traveling and healing work
  • Crystal and stone therapy
  • Self- actualization
  • Developing a relationship with the Divine: angels, spirit guides, and so on.
  • Integration between Divine-self and human, conscious-self
  • Cosmos, the spiritual plane, life after death, spirits, etc.

And much more; please click individual links for more information.

Learning Objectives: to provide quality education for healers, alternative holistic practitioners, well-ness consultants, spiritual counselors, anyone with a career in service such as psychologists, and  education for students seeking his or hers highest potential. 


Natural Awakening Community Spotlight

D’ Rose Institute of Urevia® Healing

The term Reiki isn’t new, yet many

people have yet to discover what it

is and what it has the power to do. A

healing technique based on the principle

that a practitioner can channel energy

into a patient, by means of touch,

to activate the natural healing processes

of the patient’s body and restore physical

and emotional well-being, Reiki is

certainly not new to Subtle Energies &

D’ Rose Institute of Urevia® Healing.

Centrally located in southwest

Michigan between Kalamazoo, Battle

Creek and Grand Rapids, Subtle Energies

& D’ Rose Institute of Urevia®

Healing is nestled deep in the woods

on the banks of a hidden gem of a

private lake. Ken Gray and Dana Glore-

Gray, the husband and wife duo of the

business, are certified, spiritual teachers

with over 45 years of combined experience

offering a variety of classes as

well as spiritual counseling, wellness consulting

and energy healing sessions.

As Dana says, “At our core, we help

people grow spiritually and increase

their health and well-being in all areas—

in all the elements that contribute to a

person’s health.” She further speaks of

her practice and says, “It’s about growth,

health, wisdom and love.”

Ken chimes in and says, “Reiki has

literally changed my life – totally – it’s

just a beautiful opportunity, and I’d

strongly recommend it for everyone.”

At Subtle Energies & D’ Rose Institute

of Urevia® Healing, the classes

offered fall under three main categories:

Urevia®, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki®.

Urevia® is the study of health and

well-being, biology, energy medicine,

healing energy, spiritual concepts, relationship

issues with self and others, the reality 

each individual creates, philosophy, metaphysics

and science. The Integrated Health

degree focuses on the different elements

that contribute to healing, health and

living a balanced life that includes self-actualization,

emotional intelligence and

improving relationships. Its main intention

is to enhance the healing skills of practitioners

along with providing personal growth

for each student. The program includes

Urevia® Levels One, Two and Three

practitioner classes and the Integrated

Health classes. Upon completion of these

courses, a student is eligible for board

certification and accreditation with D’

Rose Institute and American Association of

Drugless Practitioners.

Usui Reiki is a form of alternative

medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese

Buddhist Dr. Usui. It uses a technique

commonly called palm healing or

hands-on-healing. Through the use of this

technique, practitioners transfer “universal

energy” through the palms of the

practitioner, which encourages healing.

Ken and Dana offer Usui Reiki Levels

One and Two, Advanced, Master and

Master Teacher practitioner classes.

Karuna Reiki® is translated from

Sanskrit, meaning “to take compassionate

action to diminish the suffering

of others”. The spirit of Karuna implies

that we use wisdom to guide us in

imparting the energy to heal ourselves

as well as others. Classes in Karuna

Reiki® at Subtle Energies & D’ Rose

Institute include Level One, Level Two

and Master Teacher.

When asked what it is that excites

them about what they do, Dana says,

“I love empowering people. I love

blending the worlds of spirituality, science,

practical living and emotional

intelligence. I love having a positive

influence on someone’s life so they can

make a positive influence on others.”

Ken responds with, “I love watching

people grow and expand their conscience

and heal,” and further explains,

“We get to work with people for several

years and see the growth.”

Specific to Subtle Energies & D’ Rose

Institute of Urevia® Healing, Dana

says, “You can educate anyone to do

a healing, but in the middle of all that,

we’re helping them grow and evolve.

The healing energy provides the space

for them to grow as individuals and they

learn a skill-set. If they’re going to serve

other people, they should have something

to offer and they should have the

wisdom to give high quality service. She

adds, “If you’re going to teach the work

and offer it, you have to be able to do it

yourself. We’re very direct teachers. We’re

very practical teachers. We want to help

people make real change – be the best

version of themselves in a practical way.”

Dana further shares that she takes

esoteric ideas and uses them in practice,

executing how to be an emotionally

healthy, spiritual human being and how

to handle things in a real way. She explains

that this is not just about obtaining

well-being while meditating, but obtaining

it in life and how to live a life that

gradually builds on well-being, where

positive energy accumulates and one

can influence and create his/her reality.

Having lived and breathed this lifestyle

for many years, Ken and Dana put

their practice against the forces of life

when Ken was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

He refused surgery, yet he’s one

of the few people who’ve ever survived

pancreatitis with infected cysts and gallbladder

in Kalamazoo. Dana shares of

her husband’s story, “We let the body tell

us what it needed. We gave it time to do

that, time to heal itself and we provided

the tools it needed to do it and it did it.”

With a confident smile toward Ken,

Dana adds, “I’ve always believed in our

work, but that erased any doubt that I

might have still had lingering. I saw it

work and it was really cool.”

During that time, Ken and Dana

lived in the integration of the health and

metaphysical/spiritual fields. They’re

quick to admit that one is strong in some

areas and the other is strong in other

areas, but they aren’t all encompassing

on their own. The couple believes that the

two fields will continue to form a stronger

bond as more and more people realize

this. In their situation, Ken needed the

best parts of each field in order to achieve

the well-being he now lives today.

In reflection, Dana says, “Reiki and Urevia® are very

real and very personal with us. It’s our lifestyle.”

For more information on Subtle Energies & D’ Rose

Institute of Urevia® Healing, call 269-838-4079,


Amanda Grasmeyer is a frequent contributor to

Natural Awakenings Magazine. You can contact

her at MandiGrasmeyer@gmail.com.

by Amanda Grasmeyer




For more information call 269-838-4079 or email: droseurevia@gmail.com or visit our healing center sister-site at www.reikiconnect.com
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