What We Do: offer training in the Reiki, Urevia, & Karuna Reiki healing modalities as well as provide individual healing sessions 


It is our Intention to provide quality support and service to our students and our clients. 

Code of Ethics

  • to do no harm
  • to serve with integrity and good-will
  • to empower conscious living, free-will, original thinking, individual responsibility, integrity, balance, healthy relationship with self and others, spiritual development, and personal potential
  • to provide quality education for integrative health practitioners, healers, and well-ness consultants
  • to promote healing of self and others
  • to make a positive contribution to humanity
  • to continuously seek improvement and education
  • To provide current, valuable education and respect all forms of healing

Classes at a distance are accomplished through mail, email, and phone sessions for now, but in the Urevia practitioner levels: I, II,  III, and the Oneness program, a student must physically be present to ensure quality training and experience.  The Integrated Health Program and the Healing Sciences Program are available via email, mail, and phone sessions with an added fee for the one-on-one training.

 Energy Healing/Integrative Health:  Merging the worlds of Healing, Spirituality, Practical living, and Science! 

D' Rose offers certified & professionally accredited Usui Reiki - Karuna® Reiki & Urevia® classes in southwest Michigan! 

For those of you whom are also Reiki healers, health care professionals, or spiritual seekers,  Urevia® is a nice addition to your gifts. For those of you seeking personal growth, empowerment, healing, and wisdom, Urevia® is a great place to start. 
  • Urevia has been registered and trademarked for the past 22 years in order to define and framework the healing system for educational integrity.  

D' Rose Institute & Subtle Energies is located in S.W. Michigan : centrally located between Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Grand Rapids

To register for a class or ask a question, call or text 269-838-4079 or email droseurevia@gmail.com

For 23 yrs, we have taught certification level classes such as Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Urevia Practitioner levels at our healing center, Subtle Energies.  However, over the years, the Urevia Healing system expanded and branched out toward integrative health, self-development, and science taking our training to deeper and more detailed levels versus simply learning how to give and receive healing energy.  The D' Rose Institute & Center of Urevia Healing & Subtle Energies was developed to accommodate the Urevia system.  Now we offer several different classes and programs to address any need a student might have.  

 D' Rose Institute & Subtle Energies Healing Center is located on a private lake with serene, beautiful surroundings. The environment makes this the perfect place to take a class or experience a healing. Ken and Dana are certified, spiritual teachers with over 47 years of combined experience offering  a variety of classes as well as spiritual counseling and personal healing sessions.  

Dana Glore-Gray created the Urevia Healing System offering students the wisdom needed for well-being & success. With an Associate in Psychology, a Masters in Metaphysics, certification in Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher modalities, has maintained a healing practice & teaching career for 27 yrs., and an author; she helps others heal themselves and reach their full potential.

Ken Gray  -  is a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years experience as a teacher. He is also a  business consultant with over 30 years experience of commercial business ownership, so now he helps others become successfully self-employed.  he also offers astrology and intuitive tarot readings. 

Together they take a metaphysical, spiritual approach to facilitate healing & transformation  in the lives of their students and clients.  They help people heal themselves and create a loving life that they can be proud of and enjoy.  They help people become who they want to be through the power of healing, wisdom, choice, change, truth, and love.  They focus on practical spirituality, emotional intelligence,  health requirements, self-awareness, and wisdom.  Experiencing a healing class or session feels like nothing else:  It's nurturing, magical, and you can feel the healing energy's tangibility. 

D' Rose Institute of Urevia Healing Teachers available for classes:

  • Joy McShane-Olyer:  

  • Box 220,  Douglas, Mi. 49406

  • 616-644-2967


  • Elaine Biskupic-Bunnell
    2290 NW 2nd Avenue, Suite 6
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

  • Teresa Bartchlett

  • Findlay, Ohio. 45840

  • 419-424-9381


  • Karen Smith

  • Battle Creek, Mi. 49014

  • 269-924-8294


  • Marlene Jennings

  • Dallas, TX.

  • 903-802-3771


D’ Rose Institute is offering two new programs in addition to the Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Urevia Healing classes: First is the Urevia’s Integrated Health Program and second is the Masters in Spiritual Studies & Science Program. The Integrated Health Program is for everyone: those seeking practitioner development and/or those seeking personal development. The Masters in Spiritual Studies program is for advance students wishing to increase universal knowledge. The programs offer a student the opportunity to increase his or hers knowledge, experience, spiritual awareness, and self-actualization. 

You do not need to be sick to be better. Self-mastery is a skill, happiness is a skill, expressing love is a skill, and developing wisdom is a skill. If we were born with the knowledge we needed, this world would be without fear. Pursuing growth is an honorable path and these programs are helpful in that goal.


D' Rose Institute of Urevia Healing: 269-838-4079, email: droseurevia@gmail.com  Visit sister-site at www.reikiconnect.com
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