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Usui Reiki Training in Southwest Michigan by D’ Rose of Urevia® & Subtle Energies Healing Center

I am a certified Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher with 30 years of experience.

D’ Rose is located in S.W. Michigan centrally located between Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Grand Rapids

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What We Do

D’ Rose offers quality education to students seeking self-improvement, well-being, wisdom, and expansion of his or hers career if desired. 

What is Usui Reiki?

The work Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei and Ki. Rei means supernatural force or spiritual intelligence, Ki means life energy. Thus, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy

The History Of Usui Reiki

Reiki (ray-key) is a natural healing technique that makes use of the laying-on of hands. It originated in part with the Ling Chi of the Chinese Taoists and the Tibetan Norbu-Linka over 5,000 years ago. Reiki was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a doctor and a Japanese Christian Minister in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. It was his intention so discover how Christ healed the sick and what spiritual wisdoms/healing techniques he studied. During his ten year quest, he studied the teachings of Christ, and the sacred literature of Japan, China, India and Tibet. At the end of his quest, the complete system of Reiki came to him during a mystical experience on the Holy Mountain of Koriyama or so the story goes.  What really matters is that Reiki works.  It works.  There are millions of practitioners that use it around the world.

What is a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki is given by the laying-on of hands. A standard treatment includes placing the hands-on positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. In addition, the practitioner may use other positions for specific conditions that the client may have. Each position is held for a short period of time, and the entire treatment approximately lasts 60-90 min. A treatment creates a wonderful glowing radiance that is deeply relaxing and includes many beneficial effects for both client and practitioner.

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Ann was covered with hives by the time her friend, Cheryl, talked her into seeing me. She also complained of not sleeping well. As soon as I started the session, I could tell she was angry, depressed and fearful. She had a heavy, thick coating of negative energy that covered her body that kept her from feeling her emotions. She also had a concentration of negative energy at her throat and head, indicating that she needed to speak her mind, She had keep these feelings bottled for a long time. After the healing, I shared this with Ann so she could use the information to heal herself.

During the healing I first filled her with strong, positive energy to strengthen her, and then I extracted the negative energy from her aura with Urevia, Finally, I channeled soothing Reiki healing energy to her. Two days later I heard from Ann and learned that she had a decision to end her long-unhappy marriage that she tried to ignore for many years. She returned for more healings to help with reclaiming her own power and with getting in touch with her emotions.

Reiki and Earth Energy!

First of all what is Reiki & Urevia? They are Spiritually Guided Life Force Energies that facilitates healing in those who receive its energy and for those who are attuned to its frequency.

What is Earth Energy? Earth Energy can mean many different things to many different people, but to me it means using the gifts that God gave us to help heal ourselves, those around us and of course Mother Earth. By being attuned to both energies we in essence become whole or balanced, Yin and Yang so to speak, and Reiki (and Urevia) have helped me to become balanced.

In becoming balanced, I realized that I was ignoring the things readily available to me for healing purposes, that I was keeping my head in the air and not in the Earth realm. For some reason I thought that I had to be AIRY to be Spiritual, and that could never be farther from the truth. If we were supposed to be in the Spirit Realm at all times, then we would never have come to Earth in the first place. But that’s another article at another time. I finally realized that all things have value, and by using only one way of healing was ignoring another truly amazing tool.

All living things beat at a frequency, and that includes herbs and essential oils. So by incorporating the frequencies of Reiki and Urevia with the frequencies of essential oils and herbs in the form of creams, lotions, sprays and oils, I am able to help clients on different levels. Reiki and Urevia have helped open the door to spiritually guided information that I use to prepare products for my clients.

By opening these doors within me, I have found the confidence to stretch for what I truly want, and for what I came here to do in this lifetime. It has helped me to become open to all sorts of different aspects of this world. And for that I will never regret the day I decided to become a Reiki/Urevia practitioner, if for no other reason than the healing that has happened within myself.