the study of health, Healing Energy, and well-being

A Journey of Healing and Balancing the Yin & the Yang in Perfect Harmony, creating a Bridge to the Logos also known as the Divine.

Urevia® is for anyone who wants to take a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. The name Urevia means ‘divine love.’  Love is used as the bridge to the divine within ourselves, all existence, and the divine source. It’s for beginners, experienced healers, health care professionals, alternative holistic consultants, and anyone seeking personal development and healing.  YOU ARE A ‘WHAT’ BEFORE YOU ARE A ‘WHO.’  WHAT YOU ARE IS DIVINE LOVE ENERGY AND WHO YOU ARE IS THE EXPRESSION OF THAT LOVE.  

Urevia’s Integrated Health & Healing Classes and Individual Healing Sessions available

Urevia® Classes in Southwest Michigan by D-Rose of Urevia® & Subtle Energies Healing Center!

For those of you whom are also Reiki healers, health care professionals, or spiritual seekers, Urevia® is a nice addition to your gifts. For those of you seeking personal growth, empowerment, healing, and wisdom, Urevia® is a great place to start.

To register for a class, call or text 269-838-4079, click on one of the class links below, or email: droseurevia@gmail.com 


Urevia has been registered and trademarked for the past 28 years in order to define and framework the healing system for educational integrity.


Urevia is spiritually guided divine love, life-force healing energy, Through the study of self, of spirituality, of health and well-being, biology, energy medicine, healing energy, physics, spiritual concepts, emotional wisdom, and metaphysics it raises a person’s vibration increasing his or hers compacity to love and heal. 

The Urevia Integrated Health & Healing Practitioner certification focuses on the different elements that contribute to healing, health, and living a balanced life that includes self-actualization, emotional intelligence, wisdom, compassion and compacity to express divine love. Its main intention is to enhance the healing skills of practitioners along with providing personal growth for each student.  Upon completing these courses, a student is eligible for board certification and accreditation with D’ Rose and American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

“The more disturbed the flow of energy is in the body – caused by the mindset/consciousness – the more inefficiently the body functions,” (Dr. Stone). Healing work/energy medicine releases blocks and restores the flow of energy.  When the body and mind are balanced because energy flows freely, the body and/or Spirit will heal itself.

Learning in a retreat like setting, on a beautiful private lake, providing nourishment, peace, growth, education, and healing.  Yummy lunches are provided along with a soothing class environment. In addition, peaceful individual healing sessions are available by appt.

A new cycle of 15 classes, starts Sat. July 27, 2024 9:30-12:30/1:00 Lunch & Manuals provided. 

New Change: All the Urevia Practitioner classes have been integrated into the board certified program, and are now included, which will extend the sessions for a few months. This is perfect for each student because he or she can pay as the program progresses without going into debt and have the winter months off because classes will only be scheduled Spring-Fall with many breaks in between. This creates a stress-free learning experience that each student will enjoy.

Tuition is $130.00 per class. Students pay as they go; prepayment is not required. All manuals, materials, and lunches provided.

Board Certified Urevia Integrated Health & Healing Practitioner Program Starts May 4, 2023, on a Saturday morning, once a month 9:30-1:00 – lunch and manuals are provided.

The program includes the Urevia Practitioner classes, saving students money and time by enrolling and finishing the program.

A few of the topics covered

  • Understanding the Chakras and how they relate to levels of consciousness, health, & healing.
  • Urevia manual, attunements, healing hand positions, and sacred geometry.
  • The 5 stages of power explain the evolutionary process of how we heal control, anger, fear, being right, insecurities, and approval issues.
  • Actions plans that use the self-awareness gathered in class to transform old patterns and give direction.
  • What love is and is not: transforming assumption and misunderstanding.
  • Basic Physics – the Higgs Particle, atoms
  • Advance healing hand positions and holds
  • DNA genetics, and cellular intelligence
  • Self-healing and emotional wisdom
  • Practitioner training, hands on healing, energy medicine, and integration
  • Divine consciousness
  • Creative laws of the universe
  • self-mastery
  • mindfulness
  • How can human intention change and create on the physical world
  • Understanding the laws of time, space, and distance
  • And so on; these are a few of the topics covered

What Can Urevia Treat?

It can be used for personal and/or professional healing work. You do not need the desire of becoming a healer to take the class, we have many students who take the class for a better quality of life and as a stepping stone to get them where they are going. For those of you whom are already healers and are looking to expand, Urevia® will provide that expansion for you. 

Urevia® will aid in the healing of virtually every known illness and injury including serious problems like cancer, chronic illness, back pain, as well as skin problems, chronic pain, headaches, etc. It helps by helping the individual heal the cause and correcting the flow of energy with the knowledge of energy mechanics.  It does not replace traditional medicine, but rather works along side it supporting the healing process. Most importantly, Urevia nurtures your soul empowering individual wisdom and clarity for self.  (WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW – until we discover it within ourselves at just the right time).

Urevia’s main focus is personal growth, healing and transformation of fear-based or limiting mindsets. This is important because our subconscious emotional motivation for our choices creates what we experience in relationships and in life. Urevia® facilitates personal awareness and understanding while supporting the client with his or hers healing process or general personal enlightenment.

Here are few examples of what you may experience during an Urevia® treatment:

  • A deep inner peace and relaxation that promotes healing
  • A sense of deep wisdom and clarity
  • A feeling of floating or loss of gravity.
  • Visual experiences of color, angels, spirit guides, animal totems, etc.
  • Inner-child and soul connection.
  • Experiencing the energy flowing through the body with different sensations like vibrating, a floating feeling, warm and cooling energy, and out of body sensations.

Learning Objectives

to provide quality education for individuals, healers, alternative holistic practitioners, wellness consultants, spiritual counselors, anyone with a career in service such as psychologists, and continued education for students seeking his or hers higher potential.

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Ann was covered with hives by the time her friend, Cheryl, talked her into seeing me. She also complained of not sleeping well. As soon as I started the session, I could tell she was angry, depressed and fearful. She had a heavy, thick coating of negative energy that covered her body that kept her from feeling her emotions. She also had a concentration of negative energy at her throat and head, indicating that she needed to speak her mind, She had keep these feelings bottled for a long time. After the healing, I shared this with Ann so she could use the information to heal herself.

During the healing I first filled her with strong, positive energy to strengthen her, and then I extracted the negative energy from her aura with Urevia, Finally, I channeled soothing Reiki healing energy to her. Two days later I heard from Ann and learned that she had a decision to end her long-unhappy marriage that she tried to ignore for many years. She returned for more healings to help with reclaiming her own power and with getting in touch with her emotions.

Reiki and Earth Energy!

First of all what is Reiki & Urevia? They are Spiritually Guided Life Force Energies that facilitates healing in those who receive its energy and for those who are attuned to its frequency.

What is Earth Energy? Earth Energy can mean many different things to many different people, but to me it means using the gifts that God gave us to help heal ourselves, those around us and of course Mother Earth. By being attuned to both energies we in essence become whole or balanced, Yin and Yang so to speak, and Reiki (and Urevia) have helped me to become balanced.

In becoming balanced, I realized that I was ignoring the things readily available to me for healing purposes, that I was keeping my head in the air and not in the Earth realm. For some reason I thought that I had to be AIRY to be Spiritual, and that could never be farther from the truth. If we were supposed to be in the Spirit Realm at all times, then we would never have come to Earth in the first place. But that’s another article at another time. I finally realized that all things have value, and by using only one way of healing was ignoring another truly amazing tool.

All living things beat at a frequency, and that includes herbs and essential oils. So by incorporating the frequencies of Reiki and Urevia with the frequencies of essential oils and herbs in the form of creams, lotions, sprays and oils, I am able to help clients on different levels. Reiki and Urevia have helped open the door to spiritually guided information that I use to prepare products for my clients.

By opening these doors within me, I have found the confidence to stretch for what I truly want, and for what I came here to do in this lifetime. It has helped me to become open to all sorts of different aspects of this world. And for that I will never regret the day I decided to become a Reiki/Urevia practitioner, if for no other reason than the healing that has happened within myself.


A Life-style

Urevia…hmm. I can say Urevia is a healing energy, a spiritual journey, a guiding light, and all of that would be true. However all of these characteristics are minor gifts.

The more I observe Urevia working with others and myself, the more I realize that Urevia is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that promotes love and freedom. I feel it promotes peace and well-being. A special kind of peace that goes beyond what you read about in spiritual writings. The kind of peace that you feel when you are centered and calm which is a good place to start. The peace that I am referring to is “peace of the heart.”

Now, I am sure most people have a moderate peace level with themselves. Except, for that non-stop voice inside our minds telling us how to behave. It will say things like, “You should say yes to Mary even when you are tired, so you wont feel guilty.” Or “I need to lose weight to look and feel better about myself.” Or “Don’t say that it’s not political and proper.” These are only a few of the internal criticisms the voice has to offer. This type of daily dialogue with yourself creates self-judgment, self-doubt, and insecurity. There is nothing about this kind of lifestyle that creates self-love and confidence. When you embark on the Urevia journey, the underlining issues around self-doubt and criticism are uncovered for understanding. You are given spiritual and practical tools for healing. Imagine for a moment your life without “the voice” telling you how to be perfect and likeable. Think about all of the energy you are wasting on worry and insecurity.

If you truly love yourself, you will not abuse yourself with drugs, food, judgment, and negative behaviors. Also, when you love yourself you know how to establish appropriate boundaries that serve you and those around you in a balanced way. Your relationship with others automatically becomes more loving because you are more kind and loving. Self-acceptance, (the real kind, not the surface kind), creates “peace of the heart.” Now that is a daily lifestyle I can live with.